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At present, the group set up a project development team of more than 100 years of development of photovoltaic power plants, the total amount of 2GW; the 1GW distributed photovoltaic industry; manufacturing capacity of 3.7GW, the new Ningxia Hunan Changde base production capacity is 1GW, 1GW production base in Yanan and double base component production capacity is 1GW; lithium industry manufacturing capacity of 2 billion kwh. The project adopts Internet plus management system, high intelligent automation workshop with Japan and South Korea, the world's top 4, in line with industry standards, the same level of breakthrough in international high-end manufacturers.

The "13th Five-Year group" period, give full play to the advantages, vigorously implement the development of photovoltaic power plants, micro grid, energy storage project. Actively explore the domestic market and Europe, Asia and Africa, to promote industrial projects, extend the industrial chain, plans a total investment of 60 billion yuan, up to 10GW within 5 years, the total installed capacity, output value of over 100 billion.

Advantage of the industry must rely on high-end talent for support. In recent years, the group has introduced more than 1000 technical research and development, manufacturing, investment and financing, management and other elite. Science and technology innovation platform is becoming more and more perfect, has set up a technology center, Shandong province enterprise academician workstation, photovoltaic and lithium battery research institute, has been identified as a key national high-tech enterprises, the key project of the national "863" program, more than 60 provinces and cities, for the more than 600 patents, products have TUV, UL, CE, CEC, MCS more than twenty certification.

"The world situation, see thousands of changes". Forward, under the new normal realforce people will stand in the photoelectric technology innovation based on domestic and global, ready to plot, can grasp the fast changing market opportunities, with Eagle like wolf spirit, indomitable fighting spirit to lead the industry to a higher and farther development goals, create eternal power for earth and human development.

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