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Company Honor Structure

Some international business group peak large new energy company, founded in 1996, development has been gradually formed four major industrial sectors, photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic manufacturing lithium battery manufacturing and new energy vehicles. For the full speed, accelerate industrial upgrading and transformation, the group in 2015, 2016 with the large international investment group Shanghai Guozhijie investment group, Beijing Jiayu Limited by Share Ltd reached a comprehensive strategic partnership, to achieve powerful combination in the photovoltaic industry and lithium industry field, become the leading domestic new model of cross industry cooperation.

Group headquarters six Division, mainly engaged in industrial investment and financing management, and solar cell components, photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic power plant development and EPC engineering, lithium ion battery, lithium battery, micro grid energy storage system, EV high-end cars and other products and services. In order to speed up the industry strategic layout, the group has in Yanan, Changde, Jinzhai, Siyang, Songyuan, and other national key city and Wangqing area investment ten industrial base, with the name of realforce holdings and joint venture subsidiaries amounted to more than 30. The China manufacturing enterprise 500 strong "," Chinese electronic information hundred enterprises ", the Ministry of industry of the first" access photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises ", the first batch of CQC photovoltaic" leader plan "certification enterprises, TUV the first" super photovoltaic leader "certification, the national" 863 "plan, to obtain a total of more than 300 honorary awards.